Education monitoring as a prognostic basis for its strategic development. Bebenina E.V., Elkina I.M., Naydenova N.N. The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences EpSBS  pp. 125-134.

 The authors provide an analysis of the problem solution for constructing an education reality for the purposes of strategies development based on indicators of education systems monitoring. First of all, it was necessary to form an array of key indicators as a prognostic basis for determining the strategic development of national education systems. To solve this problem, various methods were used: descriptive, comparative, temporal, correlation, prognostic, etc. As an example of the results, a table of composite indices with administrative levels of monitoring and strategic decision making is presented. The development strategy of Global Education for 2030 led to the transformation of national monitoring systems. A model of global education 2030 is also described as an example of the number of functional literacy kinds necessary for a student. The empirical part of the study is presented: a) forecasts of the levels of education based on monitoring of various types; b) categorization of monitoring indicators characterizing schoolteachers. Variable strategic development forecasts consist of indices and rankings used in the global educational space. The authors show the necessity to calculate these indices independently for federal districts and regions, for urban and rural schools, etc. Findings include certain practical recommendations for the improvement of the education systems monitoring procedures.