RANKING AS AN INSTRUMENT FOR EDUCATION QUALITY ENHANCEMENT IN THE UNIVERSITY. Bebenina Ekaterina V., Elkina Irina M. Otechestvennaya I zarubezhnaya pedagogika. 2017. v. 1. № 4. pp. 54-68.

In the efforts to improve the quality of education, the university needs using not only internal information in order to be able to make the necessary decisions in university management, but also rely on objective statistics and the results of interviews of stakeholders and experts in the field of education. Thus, one of the instruments for the education quality enhancement is the rankings. However, this is not the only role of rankings in education, in the conditions that they include not only statistical data, but more complex criteria, for example, the opinion of leading scientists, or taking into account the ideas about the outcomes of their training of graduates, the rankings allow formulating strategic goals for the further development of the university, and in a broader sense - to set the vector of the development of the educational space as a whole. The authors carry out a comparative analysis of the dynamics of changes in the indicators of the three most famous world university rankings in order to identify strategies for improving the quality of education. By the example of one of the parameters, the article demonstrates the relationship between the quality of education and the position of the university in the ranking.


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